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Do I need flood insurance in Pennsylvania?

Most of us buy homeowners insurance to make sure our home is protected from damage caused by fire, wind, hail, theft, etc.  But did you know your homeowners insurance does not cover floods?

What would you guess is more likely to occur – a flood or fire?

For the majority of you that guessed a fire… you’d be wrong.  Statistics have shown that you have a26% chance of a flood loss and only a 10% chance of fire loss over a 30 year mortgage.  Floods are the most common and costly natural disaster.  And contrary to some belief, you don’t have to live by water to be at risk.  Approximately 25% of all flood-related claims come from low-moderate risk areas.

So why don’t more people buy flood insurance?  The most common reasons we hear are…

“I can’t buy it… my home isn’t in a flood zone.”  This is the biggest misconception.  Many poorly educated insurance agents have even uttered these words!  The truth is…  EVERY home is in a flood zone.  Flooding can happen anywhere, anytime.

“My mortgage company doesn’t require it.”  It’s true that mortgage companies don’t require you to have flood insurance if your home is located in a low-moderate risk flood zone.  But it’s YOUR home!  If you want to make sure it’s protected from a flood, you should consider purchasing a flood policy.

“It’s too expensive.”  Do you really have any idea how much it would cost?  Most homeowners have never even gotten a quote.  Flood insurance can be fairly inexpensive for homes located in a low-moderate risk flood zone:

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