Gallen Insurance “Sign Guys”

Gallen Insurance has been posting factoids since Sam Moll, the youngest child of Gallen Insurance President Ann Gallen Moll,  was a seventh grade student at La Salle Academy in 2002.

When Sam left for college, he asked his cousin Ben Gallen to take over the responsibility of changing the Gallen sign.

Ben handed over the reins of changing out the facts on the sign to Grant Gallen when he left Shillington for college. Grant is Ben’s younger brother.

We’re now at our 4th and current “sign guy!” Owen Gallen is a cousin to Sam, Ben, and Grant, and holds the responsibility to keep our community informed of random and entertaining facts!

Each of our “sign guys” created a video to help our audience learn from their perspectives. Why do they do it and where do they find the facts? You’ll just have to watch the videos to find out!

Sam Moll – Our First Sign Guy

Ben Gallen – Our Second Sign Guy

Grant Gallen – Our Third Sign Guy

Owen Gallen – Our CURRENT Sign Guy!